I am a web/app software programmer living in Rennes, France. You can find me on Twitter, Linkedin or send me an email [email protected]


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2021-01-07 I built a Portfolio & Blog Website using nothing but HTML !
2021-01-03 Tutorial Simple HTML Tailwind Setup


2020 Built : Wordpress, multilingual, blog
2015 to 2020 Cofounder & CTO at Steeple, an online (web & mobile) and physical (through large touch screen digital monitor) company-wide internal communication tool. From 0 to 30 employees, 0 to 300 customers, 0 to 100,000 users, 0 to 30,000 lines of code. (Ruby On Rails, Swift, Android Kotlin, Heroku, Postgres, JS, Elasticsearch, Redis, GDPR, Product) (exit)
2016 RespirH@cktion : built the Hackaton website, with voting system for submitted projects (Ruby On Rails)
2014-2015 Master of Science in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Rennes Business School. Applied learnings by creating a social network for students based on mutual aid, that would pivot a year later into a company-focused internal communication tool.
- Msc project
2013 Software programmer at Amadeus in London. I built an internal web data application, used for analyzing and comparing large chunks of data between systems, as part of a multiple-years system migration. (Django, Python, RabbitMQ, big data)
2008-2013 Master in engineering (Computer Science) at INSA Rennes
2012 Software programmer at Ad4screen, I built 3 apps from scratch : one for Ruinart sales team, a serious game (Nathan), and a Paris City Guide (Objective-C)
2012 Built Rock'n'Solex website (Wordpress)
2006-2011 summers Learned work the hard way, in a slaughterhouse and other manual factory jobs
1990 Born
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